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How we convert your vehicle to LPG

Our LPG conversion process consists of three separate phases. The under bonnet installation of the system mounted in the engine bay, followed by the switch/gauge mounted inside the car. Lastly, the the tank and filler is installed with the feed pipe linking the front to the rear. Tank sizes vary from car to car.

GasTech only fit multi-injection systems which are typically suitable for most modern fuel injected engines. A few modern cars will run adequately on an older style system without causing a conflict with the petrol system, but the only advantage of running an older style system is to save cost on fitting. From the year 2000, with the introduction of on-board diagnostics (OBD), every LPG conversion is recommended to have multi injection sequential, meaning the information provided by the petrol control unit (ECU) is utilised to control the LPG injectors. This provides a like for like performance and driveability between LPG and petrol, and there should be no compromise on how your vehicle drives on LPG. The only difference is the price of the fuel.

Before your conversion we request that you visit our premises for a no obligation consult to discuss tank sizes, tank location, filler location, switch/gauge location and  our other gas services. We can provide access to a test drive in one of our converted vehicles for a demonstration of how the system operates.

Under bonnet installation

LPG installations differ from to vehicle to vehicle, having different engine configurations, engine bays and physical spaces, such as around the location of the vapouriser and inlet manifolds. Our installation engineering process aims to provide a factory fitted look that gives the impression that the engine has not been converted. The under bonnet installation is critical to the overall performance and reliability of the conversion process. All elements of the installation are professionally fitted and follow lpga guidelines and practices, including our own best practices for individual vehicle types.

Extra time spent at this phase of the process greatly increases the success of the ECU mapping phase and guarantees longevity and LPG maintenance free motoring.

We aim to be transparent with our work, so please check back for updates on our converted vehicle profile.

LPG switch/gauge

The combined Gas/Petrol switch and level gauge is fitted neatly in to the dashboard, normally in to an available switch blank, or other convenient part of the dashboard. Ideally we fit the switch/gauge to be visible and accessible to the driver, however, in consultation with our customers, we are able to fit where it is desired.

The switching is automatic, but allows you to over ride it yourself if required. Most systems are fitted with an audible buzzer to notify you of change in status of the LPG system.

The tank and filler

In almost all installations, the gas tank is fitted in the place of the spare wheel, commonly referred to as a donut or toroidal tank. This reduces the loss of boot space within the vehicle, and provides a factory fitted look. But, we are able to fit other styles of tank, such as cylindrical and under-slung tanks. All tank are installed to comply with LPGA best practices and code practices.

Usually the LPG filler is located in the rear 3/4 of the car. Typically installed on the same side as the petrol filler. This can vary from vehicle to vehicle and will be discussed within the consultancy phase, prior to installation.

We also offer a colour coding option for the LPG filler, in order to maintain a factory fitted look. Standard fillers are provided in matt black.

If you have any other questions about our LPG conversion fitting process, please don’t hesitate to contact us. Also, please feel free to visit us on site for a free consultation and view some of our work first hand.

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