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LPG Pricing

GasTech LPG Conversion Prices

1 Many more tank capacities and shapes are available. Please enquire for details and pricing.

2 Some vehicles (very few) use softer metal valves in the cylinders which are less appropriate for LPG conversion without treatment. We can offer an additional system that protects the valves from premature wear.

3 Almost all petrol vehicles are suitable for LPG conversion. However, in some rare instances it is not possible. Please contact us to check your vehicle suitability.

4 All of our work is covered by a 2 year limited guarantee. Limited meaning covering problems that are directly related to the gas install, and providing proper usage, service and maintenance.

The above table shows our base prices for 4, 6 and 8 cylinder vehicles. This includes a 45 litre cylinder type gas tank, which is typically installed in the boot area. A lot of customers like to discuss more discrete fitting positions, such as in the spare wheel well, using a toroidal (donut shape) tank, as well as exploring options for larger capacity tanks. There are too many shapes, sizes and fitting options to list, so please get in touch to discuss.

Our service includes custom installing of the gas fuelling conversion system, tank, in car switch and external filler. Installation is normally 1 working week, and we will provide you with an LPG converted courtesy car for the duration. We also offer the option of colour coding the LPG filling point on the body work, to provide a more factory fitted finish.

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